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And we reached the end of PART 1 !!

I hope we all learned enough
of this beautiful language so that
we can go on and participate in light conversations, here in our community and
why not, on our next trip to Greece...!


I also hope to hear from and see everybody
regularly so we can keep practicing

what we've learned!

I urge everyone to seek out PART 2 in September for a more complete set of tools

and experience.
(email me if you'd like to join the Part 2 class)

Have a good SUMMER !!!!!

Speak Dating, Hfx Central Library
Erasmus Days 2019

Come practice your language skills in
5-7 minute "conversation dates" !!!

Greek language speak dating:
Oct. 10th from 5:45 to 6:15 pm

hosted by:
Alliance Française and
Halifax Public Libraries