Adults class - Level 2 :  - Oct 05 2019 - May 30 2020
Saturdays 12:45-2:45 p.m.
Tuition + books = : $300 + $60 *
Teacher – Dimitrios Mastrodimitropoulos

to the Greek Language class for Adults.

Practice conversational greek in a classroom setting

while studying from our book:


"MODERN GREEK"  by Th. Papaloizos
*(same books as in Level 1)

Like in every language class, attendance is very important but there will be weekly web support for missed classes, extra practice and memory refreshing.


The goal is to be able to understand spoken greek and form meaningful sentences in the company of native greek speaking friends or relatives, spoken and written.  
In the
2nd level (Part2) we will review and build on what we learned previously and we will venture more into translating and analyzing texts of interest like news articles, literature and song lyrics.



Dimitrios M.